Carp fishing in the Costa Blanca

Sean McSeveny
  · Sean McSeveny  · January 22, 2013

A few years ago I left the UK to live in Spain, where I stayed for almost 3 years. For most of that time I worked as a fishing guide and charter skipper. I thought I would share some of my fishing experiences from my time in Spain. I still go back to Spain on a regular basis and when ever I can I take the opportunity to fish when I am over there.  At this time of year, just like in the UK the fishing is pretty slow especially from the boat. I normally concentrate on fishing the lakes or Embalses as they are known over there.

There are a good number of Embalses in the Costa Blanca, almost all of them man made and built under the orders of Franco. It was one of his better legacy’s to Spain. All the Embalses contain Carp and a lot of them have Barbel and Black Bass, as well as Zander and Pike. In this area the smaller fish are predominately Bleak.

One of my favourite waters is the Embalse de Amadario, which is situated only 12km from Benidorm, near the beautiful village of Orexta. Having just entered Spring, which is one of the best times of year. The Orange and Lemon trees are laden with fruit and the Almond trees are in full blossom. Couple this with the wild flowers in full bloom and you have a wonderful site.

I recently fished this wonderful mark. Weather was nice, slight winds and a comfortable temperature of 21c.
The water is at it’s highest level with the damn being at 98% capacity. At the moment depths vary between 3m and 70m. As you can see from the pictures the Embalse is set the floor of a valley with mountains on three sides providing a dramatic and stunning back drop.

Amadario is one of the very few private waters in Spain. It costs €12 a day to fish it. But it is worth every penny. It boasts Carp over 50lb. Although on the day we only managed a dozen or so, with the best topping just over 6lb.

This was due in main to the high volume of very cold water entering the Embalse.
The most popular baits for Carp in this region are sweat corn and bread. I have tried boillies and pellets many times with very little success. On a water like Amadario you do need to put a lot of ground bait in. The main bulk of my ground bait is crushed down chicken feed pellets. During the summer I use the pellets as a fantastic float fished Barbel bait. They can often be seen in large shoals just below the surface of the water. They can sometimes be tempted with floating dog biscuit.
Amadario is one of the best fishing areas in this region for Black Bass. They grow no more than 6lb in this area but are fantastic fighters especially on the fly, but that is another story.

Like most of the Embalses in Spain, access to most of the waters edge is only possible with the use of a 4×4.

Unlike the UK where most of the land is fenced off and inaccessible, in Spain you are free to drive most places.

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15 Responses to "Carp fishing in the Costa Blanca"
  1. Avatar alan seamer says:

    Hi i am in Benidorm next week, do you know of anywhere i can get tackle,transport for a days fishing in Orexta Many thanks

    • Sean McSeveny Sean McSeveny says:

      The only way is to either hire a car or get a taxi. I don’t think you will be able to hire tackle. however a days guiding over there is reasonably cheap and all the gear is supplied.

  2. Avatar Dean says:

    Hi do you no of any carp lakes around Los Montesinos, Torrevieja area?

    • Sean McSeveny Sean McSeveny says:

      Embalse de Pedrera, near Orihuela, which is about 15 minutes inland of Torrevieja. It also holds Barbel, Zander and much more excitingly, Black Bass. If you google it you will find it easily enough.

  3. Avatar nick says:

    Hi do you know any nices places north of benidorm up to valencia??

  4. Avatar Heikki says:

    Hi, I’m planning a trip to Benidorm area in mid October. Do you provide guiding in Amadario or similar waters in CB area?

  5. Avatar Dell says:

    Good fishing on concrete pads on River Jucar ,mainly carp up to 18pounds .Licence required as it is mostly Federation waters ,But river above Riola you will find swims not federation .If you fish regularly the licence is well worth the money .We fish there most weeks .Week ends are taken up with club matches ,so mid week fishing recommended ,As far as I know they don’t fish it on Mondays ?Parking is easy on side of river .Let me know if you need any further information

  6. Avatar Richard livesey says:

    I am going to playa flamenca with my dad .we would like to rent tackle and bait and go fishing for big carp and cat fish.where can we do this?

  7. Avatar Kevin mcl says:

    Hi there we have a place just outside torrevieja la florida and always do a bit of fishing mainly sea as dont know anywhere esle im looking for somewhere to fly fish is there anywhere near by where I could go

  8. Avatar ALLAN says:

    Hi there my Family has not long moved over to spain and my oldest son (10) has now got the fishing bug so my intention was to sea fish with him off the rocks ect, I’m 2 ,mins from Cabo Roig but i’ve been reading reviews which arent the best on catching fish on the coast here so i was looking for information on the best places to go sea fishing as we now have our permits ?
    Or should i look into rivers ect inland ???
    maybe places within an hours drive
    or places we could go as a family for a few days ?

    any help would be gratly appreciated

    • Sean McSeveny Sean McSeveny says:

      Hi Allan.
      Unfortunately a to of brits cannot seem to get their heads around fishing from the shore in Spain. I can assure you that the area that you are is full of fish. You just need to fish the same way the locals do. That is to go light during the day, or spend more time fishing at night.
      Lure fishing for Bass, Barracuda, Blue fish and Dorado can be brilliant, but later in the year is normally better.

  9. Avatar David Wright says:

    Hello Sean,

    I am just amazed at my lack of foresight for not searching for this sight before. I have lived in Calp for 18 years now and have got to know the coast and have done some exploring inland and still enjoying it immensely. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful country and like you said it is “dotted” with some great fishing spots.

    I got into fishing as a kid when we lived in Zambia. It means I’m pretty used to hot sunshine rather than a dreary wet days fishing but I have always loved getting onto the water as well. I bought an inflatable kayak a few years ago (2013) from Hobie – it’s the real McCoy as it were and I have been using it out at sea. It has been more of an adventure just setting the kayak up on the beach that the fishing is just what happens when I get out to sea!

    But seriously I do want to check out the Embalse de Amadario that I’m sure I know of but even though my wife is Spanish and has helped no-end with translations and administrators she does not share my enthusiasm with the kayak or fishing so I haven’t actually managed anything there yet.

    We live here all-year round but due to medical problems I don’t think I will be taking the kayak out to sea any more. But rather than sell it I was considering using it as an inland fishing kayak which it was designed for. It has the paddles that every kayak has and a rudder but is also equipped with their e-volve drive peddle system and it also has an e-volve solar powered electric motor – an ideal fishing kayak! I have caught several good sized sea bass out in front of the bay in Calp – maybe escapees from the farms outside Mascarat?

    Can you post their address/contact number as I would like to try there some time. (Or maybe you can suggest a good contact here). Also, when you’re over next maybe get in touch and we could meet up? Cheers. Dave.

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