Catch report from Chesil Beach, Weymouth, Portland and Kimmeridge bay, 23rd March

Sean McSeveny
  · Sean McSeveny  · March 22, 2012

A lovely early Wrasse on a lure from Portland Bill


We have had some fantastic early spring fishing this week, both from the shore and boat.

Plenty of Plaice from the Western End of Chesil, with Rays showing all the way from Lyme Regis to the Bridging Camp, where an 11lb Thornback was caught.
Loads of Smoothound have come on the night tides from Abbotsbury, West Bexington and bridging Camp. Almost all of them have come on Peeler or live Hermit.
Loads of Mackerel are now showing all along the beach, with Herring in amongst the shoals.

Weymouth Stone Pier, has produced almost a dozen different species this week including Plaice, Pollock, Whiting, Wrasse and even a Dragonet. This is a great mark for anglers of all abilities from kids to seasoned vetrans, looking to catch numerous species.

Portland has seen plenty of Rockling and Pollock caught over the past couple of days. I had a session on Wednesday and managed my first Wrasse of the year on a Lure (pictured above). Then a quick session on my favourite Pollock lure, a Meggabass Metal X Bubble Head produced 19 Pollock in 25 casts. It would have been more but I ended up with a wind knot and couldn’t undo it due to me not replacing the batteries in my head torch, grrrr!

Kimmeridge has been slow this week with only a few Pollock at first and last light.

Boats out of Weymouth have been having some great catches of the Shambles and the offshore wrecks. Some fantastic hauls of Plaice from some of the charter fleet, with many of the fish being returned alive. Young James McKendry fishing with his Dad on their own boat landed a monster 23lb Turbot. I was lucky enough to be invited out with Fraser on Wednesday, but alas I had no such luck. I put it down to the larger tides, rather than poor angling on my behalf πŸ™‚

James with his monster 23lb Turbot from the Shambles

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2 Responses to "Catch report from Chesil Beach, Weymouth, Portland and Kimmeridge bay, 23rd March"
  1. Avatar Steve says:

    Hi Sean

    Some good fishing along your way this week by the sounds of things, great colours on the wrasse and a nice turbot.
    Hopefully things will pick up around here soon, still seems a bit slow at the moment.


  2. Avatar Craig Ballard says:

    Just FYI went out last Tuesday to try my luck on Chesil, just over from the causeway car park after seeing your report on mackerel being about. I usually go West Bex / Abbots but have descided this year to fish more locally as I live in Wyke and petrol / car park fees are getting to be a joke. (so I walked down with a light bag and plugging rod.) Fished 2/3 hours up to high tide during afternoon using hokai lures. Pulled in about 25/30 pollack in less than 2 hours. Would have been more but lost 2 rigs as got pulled into what must have been an underwater feature (wreck??) by a couple of bites. Did manage to tease one fish out though. Best Pollack just under 2 pounds, put a good bend in my small spinning rod with 3 of them on!! Going back today for another look (Saturday 24th)

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