Fishing forecast for Chesil Beach, Portland & Weymouth. 30th May 2012

Sean McSeveny
  · Sean McSeveny  · May 30, 2012

What a difference a period of settled weather makes to the fishing at this time of year. It seems that the summer species have been waiting for this, as more and more species arrive daily. I managed an afternoon of lure fishing around Portland yesterday with my mate who had not been lure fishing before. It was great to see his face when a 3lb Wrasse smashed into his Slug-go and headed for the first snag it could find. A great afternoon fishing and another bait fisherman converted to lures 🙂

Wind forecast SW 12mph.

Water Temperature: 12.5*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 2.26pm, 1.51m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Very little swell with a small ripple; water clarity is good,

Portland Bill: Calm; water is crystal clear.

Portland Harbour: Calm; water clarity is excellent.

Weymouth Bay: Calm with barely a ripple. Water clarity is good.

Chesil Beach forecast: Lots of Mackerel all along the beach. Smal tides should make for some good Plaice fishing from the Western end of the Beach. Tried for some Dabs at the Portland end this morning with no success. However we did have a nice Wrasse of almost 5lb on Hermit Crab. The normal Dogfish and Pout on the evening tides.

Portland: The Bill will fish well for Pollock, Garfish, and Wrasse. All these species can be caught on bait or if you want maximum sport then try for them on lures. Changing light may produce a Bass or two if you can get through the Pollock. The Wrasse are really hitting soft plastic lures at the moment. MegaBass X-Layers and blue coloured 5” Slug-go’s are the top lures for them at the moment.

Portland Harbour: Plenty of Flounder, Mackerel, Mullet and Bass in the harbour. Try the beach next to the sailing academy.

Weymouth Bay: A little bit quiet around the bay at the moment. Plenty of small fish from both piers.


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  1. Avatar lee says:

    Ive heard the may water has pretty much kept most of the fish beyond range. Ive got a 2 nighter to do at the landing craft or bay this weekend but several of my friends have blanked. 4 blanks to be exact, not even mackerel!!! Any tips??

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