Fishing forecast for Chesil Beach, Weymouth, Portland & Kimmeridge Bay. 4th May 2012

Sean McSeveny
  · Sean McSeveny  · May 4, 2012

Looks like it could be a great day today, the sun is breaking through and conditions are almost perfect for fishing.


Wind forecast NE 10mph. Current wind is 3mph.

Sea conditions: Calm with Chesil almost clear of colour. Portland Bill, Kimmeridge and Portland Harbour still have a cloudy tinge to the water.  Temperature 10.4*c Weymouth high water 6.16pm 2.1m high.

Chesil Beach forecast: Mackerel in good numbers all along the beach. Plenty of Pollock and a few Bass from Chesil Cove end. Beware that the beach at Abbotsbury is netted so I would give there a wide berth. If you are after Plaice, Dabs and Ray then West Bexington and Cogden would be a safe bet. Car parking is busy already at West Bexington and I can see plenty of anglers on the Beach towards Cogden. Hive has been slow the past couple of nights. Charmouth will produce some nice Rays on an evening tide to Sandeel baits. Bigger tides suite the Smoothound that have been around in good numbers for a few weeks now. As always crab baits are best for these powerhouses.

Porrland: With improved water clarity Portland will fish well for Wrasse, Pollock and Bass. Lures and bait will work equally as well.

Boats: it looks like quite a few boats have got out this morning after the Turbot and Plaice on the Shambles. Some very good catches of Plaice being reported from several boats. Great conditions for Kayak fishing in Portland harbour and along the coastline.

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  1. Avatar Craig Ballard says:

    Popped out on 4th to West Bex to grab a few mackerel, got there at 2.30 for a 5.30 high tide. Only had 10 minutes of activity though at 3.15pm pulled in 10 mackerel in 10 minutes but then had a surprise. On my 3 hokkai lumi lures I pulled in a double header of cuttle fish both about 2lb, though they dont feel that heavy in the water. I put them back but not before they demonstrated their disgust and produced a lot of ink!

    Could you advise me on the best types of all round bass lure for Portland harbour and for Portland rock marks. Also, at the harbour is it necessary to wade?

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