2018 Update – Minimum Landing Sizes (MLS) and protection status for common UK Marine fish

Adrian Crawford
  · Adrian Crawford  · March 16, 2018

We have updated the MLS page to reflect the new Bass rules for 2018.


The dust has now settled over the new Minimum Landing Size (MLS.) for Bass so we thought it might be interesting to test your knowledge of the MLS. and protection status of some of our most common UK Marine fish. No cheating this is not a test of your Googling skills we genuinely want to see how knowledgeable you all are!

As a bonus everyone who finishes the Quiz will get priority access to our new MLS reference  page where you can see all the size restrictions we know of!

The quiz is now over – results will be posted soon

See our new MLS page here

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18 Responses to "2018 Update – Minimum Landing Sizes (MLS) and protection status for common UK Marine fish"
  1. John Schmidt says:

    Hello Sean, I completed your quiz (80% – I’m a bit ashamed of that). Good idea to correlate data of what people know – a lot of fisherman either don’t know (or in some instances) don’t care about size limits or even identification of their catch. (Look on facebook any day of the week and you’ll find a picture of something that has been dispatched and is now on a kitchen table with the question “what is it?”. Only thing I’d like to see added to the quiz is the equivalent size in inches. Many thanks,

    • At 80% you are well above the average so no need to be ashamed of that. We will be publishing the results next week and if it continues the way its going there will be some interesting surprises! Until I get round to converting the centimetres to inches, here is a tip . to quickly convert cm to inches in your head divide by 5 then multiply by 2.

  2. Tim and Tanya Cordy says:

    Well a bit shocking! The question is how to educate and inform anglers. We told a chap the other day his bass was too small while it was still alive. He just let it die and kept it at 37cm.

  3. John West says:

    Very interesting. I got all correct except mackerel, which is species I catch the most of !

  4. Richard lake says:

    I fish a lot & did know the bass one.. I got 80% just working out what I thought was an ok size.. I got the shad wrong but I normally catch & release anything I wouldn’t eat or I’m not sure of..

  5. gordon says:

    80%, mackerel msl fail,

  6. Martyn white says:

    3 out of 5 correct. This quiz has opened my eyes because i got the question about mackerel completely wrong.

  7. Patrick says:

    5/5 correct, the mackerel one is confusing as sizes for the south is different from East Anglia, where I’m from.

  8. Fraser says:

    A quote from the Angling Trust…..Our interpretation of the current minimum landing sizes set by the EU is that they only apply to motorised vessels holding a commercial fishing license and not to recreational catches. However, a number of countries rigorously apply the EU MLSs to both commercial as well as recreational fisheries (some countries even have set MLSs for recreational fishing above the EU MLSs, while their commercial fisheries follow the EU MLSs, e.g. the French bass fisheries).
    The angling Trust encourages all anglers to Give Fish A chance and apply voluntary minimum retention sizes which exceed the EU’s and allow all fish retained the chance to have bred at least once. http://www.anglingtrust.net

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