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Best laid plans

· Leo Toms · October 14, 2015

As a matter of habit I’m always looking at the weather patterns and tides to try and pinpoint the best places and times to fish and collect bait. It was on Sunday that I spoke to my mate Martin saying that if the unsettled weather continued Chesil would be on fire this weekend for bass [...]


Mail order bait

· Hazel Tipping · September 29, 2015

Times have changed and whether we like it or not, technology has vast become a huge part of our everyday lives. Internet shopping has become hugely popular within the UK with mounting pressure from work and bills, we as a nation struggle to find the time to spend, not only with our family and friends [...]


Sole fishing at Southbourne

· Leo Toms · August 10, 2015

Sean is at River Cottage today so the catch report will be delayed until Tuesday. Here is Leo’s catch report on a couple of successful trips last week. – Ade.   Thursday night saw me down at the Bistro on the Beach at Southbourne, still trying to crack that elusive first sole of the year. [...]


Solent Smoothounds

· Leo Toms · June 16, 2015

After reading lots of good smoothhound were being caught up the Solent I decided  to try and get a piece of the action! My mate Martin tagged along and we decided on fishing  “parkshore” a venue well known for producing good hounds this time of year. Never having fished that far East before we used the satnav [...]


How and where to dig Lugworm

· Hazel Tipping · June 11, 2015

Lugworm, in my opinion, is one of the most under-rated baits there is. When you think about what we all think fish prefer to eat, we think of blood, guts, smell etc and Lugworm is one of the best baits which fit all of these criteria. Couple that with the fact that Lugworm is one [...]


Fly and lure fishing for Bass around Hayling Island

· Hazel Tipping · May 18, 2015

During the summer months Hayling Island can be one of the best fishing marks on the south coast both from the beaches and off the boats. This week I was invited on a boat to join my good friend Ian on a Bass fishing trip with a difference. Ian has been a keen angler for [...]


Solent Smoothounds and Rays

· Darren Mills · May 12, 2015

Smoothound fishing in the Solent can be amazing. In my first report for Fishing Tails, I will take you through a recent trip after the Smoothounds and Rays that the Solent is famous for. Myself and my friend Alan Brown decided to head to a local mark on the shore at Selsey, West Sussex. We [...]


Last session of the year at Browndown

· Sean McSeveny · January 2, 2014

The final fishing session of the year was going to decide which out of the two of us, myself and my husband Rich, would win this year’s fishing competition, purely on highest number of fish caught. We count them to keep fishing interesting, fun, and a little bit competitive between the two of us. Rich [...]


Fishing on the Isle of Wight

· Sean McSeveny · December 3, 2013

The end of November saw us heading over to the Isle of Wight, the place where I grew up, to fish with two of the Island’s finest anglers, Adam Landy and Martin Kennedy. This was a fishing session I had won in a charity auction (supporting the RNLI and Marie Curie Cancer Care) so the [...]


LRF fishing on Gosport Pier

· Sean McSeveny · October 26, 2013

Gosport Pier, Back for more LRF Having thoroughly enjoyed our Light Rock Fishing trip to Gosport Pier, we have recently returned another four times to hone our technique and perfect the tackle set up. Rather than tying our own mini-rigs, Rich and I have opted to use small pre-tied traces. After experiencing a couple of [...]


Gosport Pier LRF Report

· Sean McSeveny · October 10, 2013

Millennium Pier in Gosport was our chosen venue for a spot of LRF or, as my husband Rich has known it for years, “Fishing for small stuff!”. LRF, or Light Rock Fishing, is a fun fishing technique, utilising light tackle to fish for a variety of species. We have only tried this style of fishing [...]


Langstone Boat Report – Wight Huntress II – September 2013

· Sean McSeveny · September 29, 2013

Boat fishing for Bass in the Solent! A boat trip on Sunday saw us sailing out of Langstone Harbour in Hampshire with 8 other keen anglers in search of bass. We sailed on Wight Huntress II, operated by skipper Glen Milligan. His deck-hand Reg was also along for the day to provide tea, coffee, some [...]


Catch report & fishing forecast for Stokes Bay in the Solent

· Sean McSeveny · September 25, 2013

Late summer fishing in the Solent. My last report saw my husband Rich catch up to just one fish behind in our annual fishing competition. On Saturday evening we returned to Stokes Bay in Gosport, Hampshire, to fish the rising tide. High tide was about 1.30am and the first baits were in the water by [...]


Catch report & fishing forecast for Stokes Bay in the Solent

· Sean McSeveny · September 21, 2013

Solent Report – Stokes Bay – September 2013 Sometimes, fishing is not about catching huge fish or even fish big enough for the table. It’s about fishing and catching the smaller stuff, but still getting the same amount of joy and excitement from the hobby. For my husband Rich and I, fishing is also about [...]


Solent Fishing marks: Gosport, Lee-on-the-Solent and Hill Head area

· Sean McSeveny · July 17, 2013

If you want to know some of the best marks to fish in the Solent are then I am glad to say that as promised, loraine has provided me with some very useful information on some of the marks in her area. She has created a map to help you with the locations 1. Millennium [...]


Solent area fishing forecast and reports

· Sean McSeveny · July 14, 2013

I am delighted to say that I have finally managed to get someone to commit to providing some regular fishing reports for part of the Solent area. I guess I would call it mid Solent. It is an old haunt of mine from the days when I was in the Royal Navy and based at [...]