Another battering for Chesil Beach

Adrian Crawford
  · Adrian Crawford  · February 5, 2014

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, today’s storm turns out to be bigger than our previous monster! Watch what happens 24 seconds into this video


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4 Responses to "Another battering for Chesil Beach"
  1. Avatar Bennybluebag says:

    Absolutely terrifying, I wonder if the vibrations in the pub rocked bruceys pint!
    Jokes aside that must be scary not knowing how big or when the next one is coming over.

  2. Avatar Fraser says:

    Not just a big storm but previous storms have left a lot less beach to stop the waves.

  3. Avatar Sam says:

    Those silly sods who insist fishing in storms just because they have’driven 200miles so Im gunna fish it’ pay attention cos your life insurance wont pay out for being a fool.

  4. Avatar Ben says:

    Not good for plaice fishing at the minute then!!!
    Never seen waves like that!!

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