Barbless Bass FIshing

Paul Bassman Gordon
  · Paul Bassman Gordon  · January 12, 2016


Here’s my latest Video focusing on Bass welfare in an effort to  stay within the law and do my bit for the Bass society and minimise the wasteful, no doubt about it, discard factor!, by that tI mean it’s currently mandatory to put back Bass,alive or dead!, which I personally disagree with
With that sad and sorry fact lets think damage limitation.
The problem of barbed mouth hooking, those times when the hook penetrates somewhere and won’t come out are hugely decreased using barbless Bass Hooks!
I haven’t lost or killed one fish so far this year since switching to barbless and I’m into the twenty’s due to the late run of Schoolies in the last week!.



Always carry pliers in your kit bag/box so you can do the job on the beach if necessary.
Simply take your preferred hook and with the pliers, clamp down on the barb until it brakes off or flattens completely.


OK, so for most of you who don’t know me, and haven’t seen any of my vids before, well lets just say i do get a bit excited sometimes, and thats  just how fishing makes me feel i guess…


Use this top tip to drastically reduce damaging our spiky protected friends, you will be surprised what a difference it makes, especially bleeding, or the lack of.

The same can be applied to lure fishing, the single hook trend continues to grow, even they can be de-barbed the same way, trebles also!



This is one way to ensure we don’t end up looking at a potential P.B slowly dying in the shallows because of our choice of hook, its happened to me, it could happen to you also….

Thanks for watching….


Paul Bassman Gordon.






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3 Responses to "Barbless Bass FIshing"
  1. Avatar Moo says:

    Well said Paul,
    Totally agree.
    On the lure front, I had over 40 bass in a session last year. Using stingers with a single circle hook. Very few takes, if any, didn’t hook up and I can’t remember losing a fish.
    Most importantly all fish were lip hooked, and easily released. Another bonus being decreased likelihood of snagging the bottom or snagging yourself, or net etc…
    It’s win win win,

    Good piece sir

  2. Paul Paul says:

    Thanks MOO!, let’s hope it makes a positive difference…
    It’s such an easy fix?

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