Carp off the top…

Paul Bassman Gordon
  · Paul Bassman Gordon  · June 14, 2016

What’s this, Bassman doing Carp fishing you say!!

Well folks, this is a guilty pleasure of mine and where I learnt how to play decent fish on very light gear, surface fishing with bread around the various lakes on offer locally


This is Bake Lakes just over the border into Cornwall which is a short drive from Plymouth


There is a good average stamp of fish and I know how to fish through the dead period when the sun is still high.


I am currently sponsored by Tronixpro and use very light set ups to maximise sport, here’s the HTO Rockfish 73


A 1-9g LRF rod which I’ve been testing on a multitude of species, this being the most challenging and fun


The last flick of the day produced a half decent 13lb 8oz mirror Carp off the top using 5lb HTO Light Game Braid and an 8lb Yozuri trace, a balanced drag and a bit of patience pays when using tackle this light on double figure Carp.


I know these aren’t big fish in the Carp fishing world  but on this ultra light set up I assure you it’s fantastic sport!


Hope you enjoyed my guilty pleasure, I’ll be back on the Bass very soon….

p.s I have a new collective blog/website and guiding business in Plymouth employing local sub guides to cover lure fishing, LRF fishing, Bass and Mullet, also Kayak adventures with a fully qualified instructor who can give you  proficiency training and give you the confidence to stay afloat. This is very exciting for Plymouth and we look forward to following in Sean’s footsteps and giving you a great trip when you’re in Devon. please follow the link to our humble website Fishing Guides Devon


Day/evening ticket plus day licence  can be purchased at the venue.

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