Fishing around Poole in the next few months

Leo Toms
  · Leo Toms  · March 17, 2015

I fished sandbanks last Saturday over the large spring tides. Hoping to bag myself an early spring plaice. All I ended up with was a small scorpion fish.
These small fish are not poisonous but carry some wicked spines around the head and dorsal fin. It is best to use pliers or a disgorger,  or use a thick cloth to unhook them.

I was surprised not to see anybody else fishing. Maybe they had a better weather forecast than mine. It was a mile out!! and the wind forecast was even worse!!
With many of us living so close to the sea and dependant on accurate forecasts not just for comfort but for sheer livelihood I’m shocked the weathermen can get it so wrong.
Rant over????

Over the time I fished on Saturday I was was approached by the usual “what have you caught brigade”. Nearly everybody asked about the bass fishing at sandbanks. I know it is legendary and few people realise that there is a whole host of other species that can be caught there. Plaice,sole,bream,smoothhound and rays to name a few can can also be caught at this amazing venue on its day.
As the season progresses I will try to cover fishing for a species as seasonal as is possible. Due next will be the smoothhound in may which I will cover in more detail.

Back to the bass fishing. Small bass can be caught all year round here on the south coast. Though mainly small,from a few ounces to about a pound in weight (we call them checkers). Due to their colouration at this size. Please remember the minimum landing size for a Bass is currently 36cm, and with any luck that will be increased this year.

Bass tiny

As the water warms up the bass numbers increase as well as the size difference. The bigger bass will require a slightly more specialised approach. I will also cover this in the next few weeks.

Simon Bass

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2 Responses to "Fishing around Poole in the next few months"
  1. Avatar colin gunton says:

    We have a caravan at freshwater beach holiday park and often fish the beach from there to west bay, is it worth travelling to the like of abbotsbury etc for better fishing. cheers

    • Sean McSeveny Sean McSeveny says:

      If you are after Plaice, they do seem to prefer West Bexington, Cogden and Abbotsbury. Having said that, you can catch them anywhere along Chesil. As for the other species, then where you fish is a good mark. Unless I was targeting Bream in the summer, I wouldn’t bother moving. You can get some good Bass and Rays from Freshwater.

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