Fishing may be on the up.

Leo Toms
  · Leo Toms  · February 19, 2015

With the fishing fairly quiet in the harbour and surrounding areas. I had decided to earn a few brownie points and use this lean time to concentrate on the house. Do all those jobs that I had been promising to do all summer and into early winter!!

That’s not say that I haven’t been down to the harbour shores every single day with the dog. Checking in on those hardy soles that have made the effort to wet a line!! Today was no exception as I walked the dog at sandbanks and bumped into a couple of guys fishing between the groynes.

Between them they had caught several flounders and more surprisingly some very good sized plaice. I had expected to see plaice caught there but not at least for a month or so yet. Well done to Ben Carter who had the largest flattie at just over two pounds and young Chad Carter with some lovely flounder for his efforts!

With these catches in mind I will be accelerating my plans to target the plaice at sandbanks. More on this coming shortly.

It looks like at least for the next few weeks the house may have to wait.

Sorry love!!!

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2 Responses to "Fishing may be on the up."
  1. Avatar Shane Munford says:

    Also well done to mike carter who had another plaice slightly later into the evening of well over 2lb and me for catching a giant 5oz rockling ????

  2. Leo toms Leo toms says:

    Hi Shane.
    I totally agree with you well done to mike carter a cracking plaice! Also well done on the rockling Shane, they all count!!
    I have to say as much as I was impressed by all your parties angling skills as the pictures speak for themselves.
    I was more blown away by how friendly and approachable you guys were.No closely guarded fishing secrets about how you were fishing . Just open honesty and a passion for sharing fishing tips and information. Which is what I believe a good part of fishing is all about. So again well done to the carter clan and their friends on their fishing exploits.

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