Lure review: Seaspin Pro-Q 90

Adrian Crawford
  · Adrian Crawford  · October 2, 2013

The Pro-Q 90 was my first introduction to Seaspin as a company early in March 2012, Sean had been raving about its big brother the Pro-Q 120 but as I prefer smaller lures for a lot of the fishing I do I decided on the 90. My favorite top water lure at the time was the baby Xorus Patchinko 100 500G which casts superbly, as you would expect from a patchinko,  has a great action and a very effective finish.  I’ve no idea why its called 500g but the clear internal colouring is immune to scratches and the fish seem to like it. I choose 2 colours the Pro-Q 90 in Gor II and the Pro Q 90 in GST  mainly because the were similar to the 500g i.e essentially clear with internal reflective colouring which makes them hard wearing and immune from hook rash!


I must admit I was very skeptical at first and still gave my Patchinko more water time than the much cheaper and unproven newcomer. However over time I began catching fish on it and it became a regular in my A box of lures. Soon after that it became my goto lure  for calm conditions off the top and also proved deadly at night just slowly walked over the water. On  one magical moonlit night session I had 15  on mirror flat  water when the fish were being particularly skittish and only the Pro-Q 90 would do the job.

So as you might have guessed by now I like this lure but why?

For a small lure (90mm and 11g) it casts very well indeed although the baby Patchinko probably has a slight edge in this department. Unlike the baby Patch it does not have an internal weight transfer system but it does have 3 small ball bearings to make some noise.

It’s very easy to walk the dog even at dead slow speeds, in fact its so easy I would recommend this lure to anyone who is trying to master this technique! At faster speeds it shoots in a quick curve and dives under the water a few centimeters. A sharper action can induce some spitting and splashing.

“Match the hatch” good advice but can an inanimate piece of plastic really do the job? One night at my favourite after dark venue in Weymouth one bass in particular seemed especially keen to grab my ProQ 90. It had 2 very violent goes at it before hooking itself so badly it came home with me for dinner.

Only when I got it home did I find out why it was especially keen when I found this in in its stomach!

The ProQ-90 showing why fish love them!

The ProQ-90 showing why fish love them!

Is it any wonder the Bass jumped at my lure?

“Big lures for big fish!”  again generally good advice but this little lure attracts all sorts, just look at this 9lb clunker caught this time last year by Sean and yes it’s a proQ90 in its cavernous mouth!

Big Bass – Small lure – ProQ-90 in ACC colour


A quick update in response to the comments below, I took a ProQ-90 piking last week and yes it does work! Second cast this feisty pike had a lunge at my lure. Sorry about the quality of the photo it was very dark!

IMG_0265.JPG (2)

ProQ 90
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Casts well
Nice easy walk the dog action
Good range of colours most of which are very hard wearing
Good Quality hooks
Catches fish


Due to its sie and weight it does not cast as far as larger lures but it performs very well compared to similar lures.


Price around £12

A fantastic surface lure that gets the job done, it flies well is easy to work and just catches fish.

Casting Range
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9 Responses to "Lure review: Seaspin Pro-Q 90"
  1. Avatar Tim and Tanya Cordy says:

    Great review of a great lure. If you want to cast further try a Pro Q 120, they will go up to 100 yards with braid and a good rod in the right conditions and even easier to walk the dog with. These lures also catch pike and chub in freshwater.

  2. Avatar Tim and Tanya Cordy says:

    TRB is very effective but I don’t think that pike and chub are particularly fussy about colours if they are hungry. If I’m not getting any takes I change the lure size or colour and then sometimes get a fish on the next cast. If a fish has hit a lure a couple of times but not hooked up, sometimes a different lure will catch them. It makes me think that often pike, chub and perch are just chasing and trying to scare off fish in their territory. This seems to happen most if I use a lure in colours similar to a perch. White lures catch when not much else seems to, particularly on slow twitching retrieves.
    27 pike, 10 perch, 13 chub, one over 8lb and a brown trout all on lures so far this season.

  3. Avatar Dave says:

    Bought a couple of these as a result of the review above. I’ve only recently got around to using them and must say that I’m mightily impressed. It has totally outfished the small Patchinko and the Salt Skimmer for me. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Casts a mile for a light lure by obviously not great into a wind. Easy to walk. Good price. Nothing much not to like.

    • Glad you like it they are still my no.1 small top water lure. Shame I don’t get on as well with the proQ120, I’m experimenting with the patchinco looky likies for long distance top water work.

  4. Avatar Dave says:

    Still doing well on it – my go to topwater. I’ve bought a couple more and friends have got onto it and scored. I’ve also bought a 120 and like you, have struggled a little which is a pity as I had such high hopes.
    I’ve tried a couple of the Patch lookalikes – huge savings on the real thing but . . . . . they catch but yet to be entirely convinced. I tend to use them over ground which has weed coming up to the surface and the risk of snagging is high – the sort of ground where you don’t want to risk a £20+ lure.

  5. Avatar Dave says:

    A bit of an update here on Patch 100 lookalikes. I’ve tried the Savage Gear one – Panic Prey 105 – it catches and the finish is not at all bad and it’s about a third of the money of the original. I’ve grown more confident with it the more I use it – casts well. It weighs a couple or three grams more than the patch 100 so will go a tad further.
    About a month ago I came across the Yokozuna 105. I honestly though it was a Patchinko when I saw it. There are subtle differences in the appearance of the lure but they are marginal. Initial indications are very positive. Again it is around a third the price of a patchinko 100 and weighs a couple of grams more. Defo worth a try – Basstastic – can I say that?
    I prefer hooks on both the copies as opposed to the original patchinko. Both walk and cast well. I would have a better report / update but with the Pro Q in the bag and my confidence in that lure it is the one that goes on first. Will have more detailed reviews later if no one beats me to it.

  6. Avatar Dave says:

    Sorry forgot to add re: Yokazuna.
    This lure will walk across the surface like any pencil but when you stop it will sink very slowly. I found this quite bizarre and disconcerting initially but it still caught fish. When I switched from trebles to singles it just about stayed up – the missus was delighted!

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