Winter fishing on Wild Frontier II out of Weymouth with boat angler Allan Yates

Allan Yates
  · Allan Yates  · December 1, 2015

First trip out for some time down to the unsettled weather cancelling many previous trips, day looked promising with sky’s clearing and very little to no wind out on Wild Frontier II from Weymouth skippered by Clem Carter.

Crew all new faces and very expeirenced anglers 9 in total but on this boat space isn’t an issue as you can fish all round the main deck and forward plus down the sides of the wheelhouse.

Portland Races was the first mark see if we could find the Bass using lures and I tried my new UV lumi lures and a variety of others by the crew But ! no bass.

Heading west to a mark see if the Whiting where showing and fishing on the anchor and a chance to try the sampler rods and reels plus the low cost braid I had loaded them with. Using a very small set of Hokai tipped with Calamari strip and a 5oz weight, first drop into a fish infact two and believe it or not Mackerel this late in the year. On this light rod it was good action, many more fish taken along with Whiting and Scad.

The skipper started the live bait tank up and after filling that up with Joey’s we went wrecking see if there were any Bass to be tempted on live bait and I had chance to trial the rod and reel plus new flutter jigs down to 5oz size. Bingo found Pollock and some real chubsters too into double figures and the test rod stood up well, great fun in fact and so much easier jigging 5oz on light gear than the usual 10 or 12oz rigs. We tried the Races again couple of drifts but still No Bass and then finished the day on drfiting the Shambles were nice Brill and small Turbot came up and returned to fight another day. Weather not as predicted albeit a calm window sea mist closed in and fine drizzle but Hey we got out fishing and had sport so another good day at Weymouth.

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5 Responses to "Winter fishing on Wild Frontier II out of Weymouth with boat angler Allan Yates"
  1. Avatar john dean says:

    Thank you for the interesting read but it was strange to see that one of the photos, showing very rough seas, must have been taken on a totally different day and raises doubts on the authenticity of the article? Glad i wasn’t out on that day .

    • You will see just above the rough sea photo Allan mentions Portland Race this is a tidal run which is great for Bass but often extremely rough! Portland race is caused by the very strong south-going streams from both sides of the Bill meeting the east- and west-going streams off the bill, and its violence is increased by the sudden decrease in depth off the bill and inequalities of the bottom on Portland ledge.

    • Sean McSeveny Sean McSeveny says:

      You Obviously have never seen the race in normal wind conditions in the autumn John. Feel free to join me on a trip then you will know the authenticity of Allan’s article Have a look at this short video I took last October

  2. Avatar Gerry Anderson says:

    Hi Allan

    Glad to see you finally got out with Weymouths finest skipper, great crew and cat too. Clem is a really nice fella, good company, hope you had a good day, been out loads of times with him. Met you on Cosins Quay last year, (got the big old camper and live in Faringdon,) hope to do a trip or two with you in the near future. Campers been off the road for 3 months, just rebuilt the engine so should be back in Weymouth next week, desperate to refill my freezers with fish,that def wont be a problem on Wild Frontier II. Do you ever shore fish with Shaun

  3. Avatar David Storton says:

    I was on the boat that day (the fella in the blue and black hat braced in the corner in picture 3), thos picturesa were indeed in Portland race IT’S ALWAYS ROUGH IN THERE, this wasn’t even a bad day in there. It’s good to have Clem skippering the boat in there, you really do need a skipper you can trust in the race

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