September fish of the Month

Sean McSeveny
  · Sean McSeveny  · September 24, 2013

September is often one of the best months for fishing in the south coast. Lets hope we see some great entries for this months competition.

I have a Minke fishing multi tool  for this months winner. If you have no idea what that is then have a look in a a couple of days and I will have put a review of it up.


So here are the rules: Fish must be caught during this month and all entries must have at least one accompanying picture. Checks will be made on the date time stamp of the picture. Fish can be from boat or shore, freshwater or saltwater, but they have to have been caught from the waters of Dorset, Devon the Bristol Channel and Hampshire. I want to increase this area as I start to build up my network and include other areas of the country. Hopefully Cornwall will be next with Wales coming shortly after. The winning fish will be the fish that the sponsor and myself deem to be the best fish. We will take into account where, when and how the fish was caught, so please provide as much information as you can about the method of capture

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2 Responses to "September fish of the Month"
  1. Avatar Richard says:

    Got to be Olivia’s eel on a lb fish/ fisher measure! And her dad deserves a medal for getting one hooked so early.

    • Sean Sean says:

      I like your thinking Richard, but there are some fantastic entries this month. I think I will ask Adrian (the tech guru in the back ground) if he can create a readers poll that will go towards the fish of the month judging decision.

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